Toss Toys

Chinchilla owners love the simple ease of use of Chinchilla City Toss Toys. Simply toss into your chinchilla's cage or playtime area and let the fun begin. No complicated mounting required! All of our Toss Toys are made from the finest materials and are safe for consumption.

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00000000117-56798c9fbfcd43.81827 Super Pet - Woven Apple Chew
  • $2.50
1673281c3db49febb1aed0348c29923c Chewburger
  • $4.75
5998dc16c0d8c8b03d4141bdf0d8b63b Rock Star Toss
  • $2.75
d785664585962bbf46fcc7a0263c9930 Rose Hip Surprise
  • $3.75
af5808a9d383a61562e106ccb02bd25e Ware Sundried Seagrass Twists Small Pet Chew
  • $3.74
64fe8674a33ed6593566e42b8b1cf3fb Ware Mineral Essentials Lava Bar
  • $2.28
7e3ed0a47c651350574d26b358de08cb Ware Willow Wood Pretzel Sticks
  • $4.74
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